Boundary Adjustment Survey

Click here to provide your feedback on preliminary elementary boundary options for the 2023-24 school year as a result of the New Elementary School located off of Middle Rd.

Overall Process

This process started to establish new elementary boundaries beginning with the 2023-24 school year as a result of the New Elementary School located off of Middle Rd. PGCPS partnered with Cooperative Strategies to help facilitate this process.

This facility will replace the existing William A. Walton Elementary School. When the facility opens in early 2023, the current Walton Elementary students will move into the new building. As mentioned above, the new boundaries will not go into effect until the fall of the 2023-24 school year.

Currently, background data is being analyzed and preliminary options will soon be developed. Preliminary Boundary options will be presented to the School Board and then immediately to the community for feedback in the fall of 2022. Community members will have the opportunity to provide feedback through an online survey, in-person community meeting, or a supplemental focus group. The application for the focus groups will be provided as part of the online survey.

All feedback will be analyzed by Cooperative Strategies and PGCPS Staff as final recommendations are developed. The Recommended Boundaries for the 2023-24 school year will be presented to the School Board for discussion in December of 2022 and action in January of 2023.

Boundary Change Criteria

During the School Board Meeting on 5/23/2022, the Board discussed various criteria, priorities, and considerations for this process. Direction from the Board included, to the greatest extent possible:

  • Minimize the number of students effected in boundary changes
  • Assign students to their closest school
  • Distribute the students in military families among all elementary schools equitably
  • Balance enrollment among all schools in a way to limit the likelihood of future changes
  • Balance the demographics (race, ethnicity, socio-economics) at all schools

It should be noted, that in many cases, different boundary change criteria are in opposition.

School Locator

Please click the map below to view the current elementary attendance boundaries. This locator has the functionality to enter an address to show current attendance boundaries. This map will be updated later in the process to show Preliminary Options.