Process & Timeline

Demographic Studies: Housing and Enrollment Projections are currently being developed, and will be available to review later this spring.

Data Review and Analysis: Data pertaining to Licking Heights Local Schools will be reviewed and analyzed throughout the process. Datasets pertaining to this process will be available under the Resources page of this website once available.

Boundary Planning Criteria: A survey was available to community members from December 12th-January 2nd to provide feedback on the criteria (or factors) that should be used when drawing boundary scenarios.

Scenario Creation: This involves creating boundary scenarios. The feedback received from the Boundary Planning Criteria survey will be used to help inform boundary scenarios. Boundary scenarios will be available for community review and feedback early in February.

Community Outreach: Along with keeping this website updated throughout this process, community meetings were held on February 1st for community members to come and speak with district staff and the consultant about the scenarios that are presented. The feedback that was received during this time was used to inform the final recommendation.

Scenario Revisions: Boundary scenarios were revised based on stakeholder feedback received during the community meetings.

Board Discussion & Action: Once a recommendation is finalized, it will be presented to the Board of Education for discussion and action. The recommendation will be announced at the February 20th Board meeting.